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The 1-stop shop bottle manufacturer for your spirits & liquors

Rockwood is the largest French-owned glass and ceramic bottle factory in China. It produces over 6 million exclusive bottles for some of the most prominent premium brands in the global spirits and beverages arena, and a further 500+ million classic bottles, annually.


Why Rockwood Ceramics?

Artistry in bespoke bottle creation
From bottle and cork design to manufacturing and delivery
Discover the process

Whether you would like to create a discrete and minimalist design or an eccentric and striking bottle, the possibilities are endless. Mass production within 90 days and just 30 to 40 days for delivery!

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Latest news and insights

The benefits of glass bottles for storing spirits, liquor, wine, and beer

Glass bottles have been used for centuries to store spirits, liquors, wines, water, and various beverages. This is because glass is a durable, long-lasting material with many benefits. Let’s explore the advantages of using glass bottles for consumable liquids, such as the spirits, liquors, wines, and beers bottled in bespoke Rockwood Glass bottles.

How are glass bottles manufactured at Rockwood Glass in China?

Have you ever wondered how glass bottles are manufactured? Let's take a look at how the French-owned, China-based company, Rockwood Glass, creates tailor-made glass bottles for its world-renowned clients. It is a 1-stop shop for all steps of bespoke bottle and closure design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.

5 reasons why glass bottles are better than plastic bottles for storing spirits and liquors

When it comes to storing consumable liquids like spirits, liquors, and other beverages, choosing the right packaging material is crucial. Glass has long been revered as the ideal medium for ensuring the safety, quality, and taste of its contents. Its exceptional properties make it a superior choice over plastic bottles. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why glass bottles outshine plastic bottles in regard to their health, hygiene, and safety features.