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Pricing and lead times

Rockwood provides highly competitive pricing, MOQs, and turnaround times. This is thanks to Chinese cost-efficiency meeting European quality assurances throughout the entire production cycle of your bespoke ceramic bottles. 



Timeframe: 2 weeks for multiple 3D design options.

Our in-house designers will work on your bespoke bottle design and its unique matching closure/cork.

If you are feeling inspired, send us images of what you have in mind.

We’ll then give you a price estimate for the mass production of your bottle.

Our designers can also work on gift boxes, sales/shipping cartons that match your branding.

If it's a label you need, we can take care of that too. Paper or silk screen...the sky is the limit.


$850 - $1,200

Timeframe: 45 days for mold samples to be created and sent to you for approval. 

Once your design is determined our artists take over.

The prototype is finalized and will serve as the mold for the production of your bottles.

Exact cost of each bottle unit can now be determined.

Bespoke bottles require up to 16 molds for mass production.

Molds are replaced at no extra cost to the client following wear & tear.

Prototypes and molds become the property (copyright) of your company.

Minimum order quantity & Mass production cost

$3.50 - $14.00 per unit for 6,000-bottle MOQ

Timeframe: 60 days for mass production. Dependent on complexity of hand-painting options.

In addition to low mold costs, Rockwood Ceramics provides the advantage of a low MOQ (6,000 bottles).

This allows clients to launch a new brand, sister-product, or even create special editions with very low financial risk.

Due to ceramic bottles having a lot of hand-painted details and bespoke finishings, they take longer to produce than glass bottles. This leads to slightly higher unit prices for ceramic bottles than for glass. 

Transport & delivery times

$3,000 - $5,000

Shipping of 40'HQ container from China to any destination worldwide.

Delivery timeframe: 30–40 days depending on destination.

If you need a 10,000 bottle container delivered to you every 2 weeks, we can make it happen!

It is recommended to fill a container in order to save on repeat transportation costs. We will always tell you how many bottles fit in 1 container before you place your Mass Production order.

A 40’HQ container fits 9,000 to 20,000 bottles. This depends on the size of your bottle and its shape/packaging complexity.

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Low MOQs, cost efficiency, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, high-caliber porcelain, and versatile bottle designs. These are just some of the reasons why Rockwood Ceramics can't wait to get you on board for your made-to-measure ceramic bottle projects!