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Why Rockwood Ceramics?

Because of what sets us apart in the world of premium ceramic bottles

Flawless quality and noteworthy originality in bespoke bottle design, have won Rockwood 8 international accolades, including 4 Gold and 2 Platinum SIP Bottle & Packaging Design Awards.

Rockwood is the first French family-owned glass & ceramic bottle manufacturer and bottler in China.

We tailor to exclusive brands, niche markets, and mass market demands. Our bottles are shipped to over 100 countries.

Unmatched speed to market – samples in less than 6 weeks, new projects from concept design to mass production in less than 3 months.

One-stop-shop for all steps of the design and manufacturing process, as well as bottling, private labels, and delivery.

Low minimum order quantities: 6,000 units for ceramic bottles and 20,000 units for Super Flint glass bottles.

Empty bottle packaging at very competitive prices due to plant locations.

Did you know that Rockwood is also a spirit producer, private label developer, and bottler? Check out our bottling website to discover how you can benefit from Rockwood's one-stop shop! 

With molds costing less than one-tenth of the prices found in Europe and the USA, efficient turnaround times, low minimum order quantities, and European manufacturing standards, we are confident that you will benefit from our collaboration.