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Boxes and packaging

From concept, to design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. Rockwood serves as a 1-stop shop for every project.

Versatile packaging options

Practical multi-bottle cartons

Packaging cartons can be branded and are specially created for easy mounting on your filling lines. The bottles are packed upside down with the carton flaps open. When the cartons are placed on your production line, they just need to be turned over for the bottles to be neck-up and ready. Once filled, the bottles move along the line to be re-packed in the same cartons for transportation to your distributors. This lowers your labor costs, as well as carton waste. Each carton fits between 6 and 12 bottles and has dividers to prevent bottle friction.

Luxury gift boxes

You have the option of selecting premium single-bottle packaging for your special editions. Not only is it attractive and eye-catching, but it also encourages the consumer to touch the bottle and feel its unique artistic features. Consumers are purchasing a spirit or liquor that is bottled in a work of art. The ceramic bottle can serve as a decorative feature or practical object long after the drink is finished, making it a perfect gift!