The benefits of manufacturing your custom bottles in Duty-Free Zones in China

What is a Duty-Free Zone for manufacturing? It is officially known as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ), which is a type of Special Economic Zone (SEZ), with several economic benefits.

These zones are usually located around major seaports, international airports, and national borders, all of which are advantageous locations for trade. Within these zones, goods are imported, handled, manufactured, and exported without direct intervention from customs. If you opt to have your tailor-made glass bottles manufactured and bottled by a bottle production company located in an FTZ in China, you will reap the many advantages offered by such a location.

Fact: According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, in 2021 China's 21 Free Trade Zones contributed 17.3% of China’s total foreign trade and 18.5% of China’s foreign investment inflows. So, this approach is opportune for all parties involved.

What’s in it for your spirit and liquor brands? Affordability and efficiency in custom bottle production, bottling services, and shipping:


1. No requirement to write "Made in China" or “Product of China” on your bottle labels

Traditionally, products manufactured in China are legally obligated to bear the label "Product of China” or “Made in China". However, when you manufacture your bottles or bottle your spirits and liquors in a Duty-Free Zone in China, such as the one where Rockwood Glass operates, you are not bound by this regulation. Instead, you have the freedom to emphasize only the origin of the bottle’s content, along with the name of the importing company at the final destination. Is Rockwood Glass distilling your Cognac at one of its partner distilleries in France? Then your Cognac bottle label will say Product of France. Are you supplying Rockwood’s state-of-the-art bottling plant with Tequila from Mexico? Then the label will write Product of Mexico. This flexibility allows you to showcase the true identity of your spirits and liquors without any unnecessary mentions.

 2. Cost-effectiveness in the production of your glass or ceramic bottles

Operating from a Duty-Free Zone (Economic Processing Zone) in China brings significant cost advantages. The exemption of import duties and import value-added tax (VAT) translates to cost-effectiveness that allows you to allocate your resources more strategically. Instead of excessive packaging costs, you can invest in refining the quality and taste of your spirits and liquors or creating limited bottle editions and promotional campaigns for your brands. This approach helps you maintain a competitive edge in the market while delivering exceptional products to your customers.

3. Savings in shipping costs

Goods shipped into and out of Bonded Logistic Parks (the BLP) receive the same duty and VAT treatment as that for the Economic Processing Zones. Certain bottle manufacturing companies such as French-owned Rockwood Glass ship their goods in and out of these zones, greatly benefiting their clients’ budgets. Similarly, goods can be temporarily stored free of charge within Free Trade Zone warehouses.

4. Streamlined port and customs operations

Factories located in an EPZ gain special customs clearances and adhere to different administrative rules. As a result, the clients of these companies enjoy streamlined international export services. Rockwood goes the extra mile by taking over the entirety of the bureaucratic and organizational aspects for its clients, also ensuring hassle-free container shipping to over 100 countries through trusted partners.


In conclusion, manufacturing your spirits and liquors in tailor-made glass bottles and then bottling them in a Duty-Free Zone in China offers a myriad of benefits. With a trusted partner like Rockwood, you can focus on creating exceptional spirits while enjoying the freedom to represent the true origin of your product on its label. The cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and quality assurance make this approach a winning choice for distillers and liquor brands seeking to elevate their offerings.


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